About us

  • AGW, Asia Gateway, was established in order to connect business people in the East and the West, allowing data-flow and exchange of knowledge and ideas between different places, countries, companies, technologies and people.
  • AGW puts an emphasis on adopting the local cultures in each place we work in and adapting the technology and knowledge to fit the needs and challenges of the local companies and people.
  • AGW combines its strategic partners and connections in order to provide new cutting edge technologies and capital access to the most interesting markets these days.
  • With this ultimate combination of the Know-How (experts in each field of operation) and the Know-Who (network and connections), the group is equipped to deliver results and answer the market needs anytime and anywhere.
  • We help entrepreneurs to shape their dreams into reality.
  • In business, we make friends and build lasting partnerships.
  • We invest in people and their ideas.